Calm returns of crypto market after Bitcoin recovers above $8,000

Bitcoin Recovers

On Friday (September 27), Bitcoin managed to shake the mood of pessimism in the cryptocurrency markets by recovering above the $ 8,200 level, thus helping to bring some much-needed calm. 

So, here is a brief summary. 

Bitcoin (BTC) started on Thursday (September 26) at $ 8,431. Unfortunately, at 15:50 UTC, the price of Bitcoin had fallen below the key support level of $ 8,000 to $ 7,932. At the end of the day, Bitcoin managed to finish a little higher, $ 7,991, but still below the important level of $ 8,000.

Fortunately, Friday was a better day because Bitcoin managed to stay above $ 8K for most of the day and at 9:00 PM UTC had exceeded the $ 8,200 level to reach the intraday high of $ 8,244. 

According  to CryptoCompare data  , at the time  of publication  , Bitcoin still manages to stay afloat above the $ 8,200 level

As for the altcoins in the top 20, the only one in red is Monero (XMR), which is currently down 0.12% in the last 24-hour period

As for the biggest winners among the top 50 crypto assets, the biggest winner is Zcash (ZEC), which currently exceeds 12.27%

As for who are the people who sell their BTC in the massive sale this week, the crypto analyst / trader Josh Rager, who is also co-founder of the Blockroots online cryptographic learning platform   , as well as advisor to several blockchain startups He  tweeted something interesting yesterday, which uses data from the Glassnode chain market intelligence platform  , to point out that “the sale was not of long-term holders selling their stack


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