Bitcoin at $ 100,000? the founder and CEO of Cardano says it’s possible

Bitcoin at $ 100,000 the founder and CEO of Cardano says it’s possible

Cardano founder and CEO, IOHK Charles Hoskinson, made a very optimistic Bitcoin forecast , despite a significant decrease in the main cryptocurrency ($ 7092.97; + 2.31%) in recent days.

Hoskinson said the conditions are still in place for Bitcoin to easily grow to $ 100,000:

Is Bitcoin declining ? The world will change when FUD, news exchange and manipulation are formed. Then we will see bitcoin again for $ 10,000 and wait for $ 100,000. The criptomonedas can not be stopped, this is the future “. Hoskinson pointed out.

Experts point out several reasons why Bitcoin collapsed. Some say the reason is the increasingly harsh cryptocurrency policy in China. Earlier, it was also speculated that rumors about the Binance / “>” closure “of Binance’s offices in China acted in the same way. As he knew Cryptocurrency.

On November 25, Bitcoin fell to a minimum of $ 6,627 (according to CoinMarketCap ) before starting a slow recovery, and now the price of $ 6,600 is becoming an important level of support.

Earlier, the CEO of financial tracker ADVFN, Clem Chambers, also said that achieving Bitcoin prices of $ 50,000 or $ 100,000 is quite realistic, given the macroeconomic uncertainty in the world.


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