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This was what caused Bitcoin to fade below US $ 8,000.

Bitcoin fell to US $ 7,982, according to Coinmarketap data. Therefore, it broke below US $ 8,000 for the first time this...

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All About Blockchain

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What is Blockchain?

Latest News

Trump`s anti-crypto position is a good thing,says Binance CEO

Changpeng Zhao (CZ) does not believe that Trump's anti-crypto position has an adverse effect on the industry in general. The Binance CEO...
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News for you

Vitalik Buterin highlights the achievements and failures of the industry cryptocurrency

Vitalik Buterin highlights the achievements and failures of the industry cryptocurrency

scalability, are the Most Important goals still in progress. The second is consensus theory, Which Facilitates the change and update of the...
Regulated Blockchains

It blockchain be regulated by the central bank of China

The People's Bank of China (PBoC) wants to create a better standard to regulate new technologies in the financial industry. According to...
Block Chain Emerging Theme

Blockchain is emerging as the theme for 2020

Many existing platforms and projects that have received funds to build business blockchains have launched a product in 2019. But other than...
Blockchain Mastercard

Mastercard joins Blockchain project to track seafood

In an attempt to allow consumers of seafood products to know the full origin of the food they eat, Mastercard, a leading...
Blockchain Protocol

Brazilian company created the first blockchain protocol written from scratch in Latin America

It is not uncommon for projects using technology arising blockchain using existing protocol. Depending on the function of the project, it is...
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Trending Today

Mark Carney:Cryptocurrencies could outperform the US dollar as world reserve currency

The governor of the Bank of England (  BoE ), Mark Carney , in a meeting with central banks around the world...
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All About Cryptocurrency

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Crypto Trending

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Blockchain Technology